Mizuumi-Con Follow Up

Wup wup it’s been a few days but I thought I’d do a small write-up of Mizuumi-Con, which was in fact my first con of the year! What a year it will be. But I didn’t go all-out for this convention like I maybe would want to in the future. My stock was low, my display lackluster, and my energy completely depleted, but that’s inevitable, isn’t it?


My setup was like a meh version of what I did last year at San Japan- I didn’t hang up my sign, I had less display features on the table, but my stock was like 1/3 of what I had for San Japan anyway. But I sold it all! Ding dang it I wish I had sewn more! What is this physical limitation you call “time” and why can’t I escape it ;-; What you see on the table is essentially what I had- with a small backstock of pineapples and bats. But I DID get a chance to debut a new bitty baby carrot that I will absolutely be making more of:


Wheee!!! Anyway, normally I’d want to write a bit more about the setup (a breeze), attendance (small, but filled with amazing people), maybe a bit more specific about my sales numbers (as good as they could have been??) but this is the last year for Mizuumi-con, and it was different from any year before, and if it continues it will be different still! So instead I’ll just photo-vomit in a future post about my mini Texas vacations and the ultimate decisions this time away from NYC has lead me to make 😀



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