Texas Trip April 2016*~

This trip was primarily me being exhausted and depressed about having to come back to NYC (haha. hahahaha.) but I got in some dranks with frands and plenty of doggy scratchies with the following handsome, very “regular” devil:


Receiving overwhelming positive feedback and support and just generally killing it at Mizuumi con lead me to decide to cut back on my “real job” hours and dedicate more time to Ugly Plants. It definitely feels like the day-to-day hours I put in to the shop and my products directly correlates with its success, which is cool, not a lot of people get to say that and I’m thankful. It’s always good to come home and be able to look back on what you’ve been doing thousands of miles away and ask yourself “is that what I want? Is it making me happy?” It’s great being a stereotypical spoiled millennial following her ~*dreamz.



I also just ate tons of waterburger, wore sparkly jelly sandles, and drank more than I could normally afford while I was in Texas. I also spent a ton of time with my sister and some with my friends and boyfriend’s family. I should have done more of that but I was already feeling like a lame ass bitch coz I had to leave and felt weird the whole time. It’s like, I’m seeking some sense of normalcy when I go home to Texas so I wanna be able to bum around and work and hang out a bit because I’m in a weird state of denial that “normal” is living on garbage island :’)


Final note ya’ll (ie me) my sister is my best friend and I hate that I had to choose to live with either  one best friend or the other. There is a perfect existence and I WILL ACHIEVE IT, DAMMIT.

I’m going to begin posting progress info on commissions and such because maybe it will help them to not just exist as strange jumbles in my brain. And AnimeNEXT is in ~6 weeks so my ass needs to get into overdrive to stock for that shit. Toodle-oo


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