Summer Wrap-up: New Products

It’s been a long summer for sure and yet, it went by in a hot second! Bob and I are spending the fall season “homeless” in Texas, with plans to travel to California, Mexico, probably back to NYC, London??? and maybe even Taiwan again for a minute, so we decided “why have an apartment?” SO I’ve spent the last week or two slowly filling orders (I’m lucky and thankful) while also slowly filling in the shop with new items I came out with during this con season! How exciting!

Big Floons

I’ve also been slowly working on illustration, hoping to expand my product line for 2017, as well as some new product ideas. This has resulted in me closing down commissions for a while which is super super sad because I love taking commissions and working with people to make their ideas come to life but THAT’S OK for now…



I’m looking forward to traveling some this fall/winter and taking the time that I don’t have to pay rent to use money to expand my product lines as well as come up with some new stuff, potentially things that are a bit more unique and fun coz I have a lot of ideas but y’know when you gotta pay that Brooklyn rent and people wanna buy floons, you tend to spend a lot of time making floons. Haha I love floons though so it’s OK!!!!


  1. I also added a bunch of pins because I love wearing pinback buttons and will stubbornly continue to wear and make them because I’ve seen some accessory fads come and go but BUTTONS SHALL REIGN SUPREME! Find them ~*here*~

That’s all for now, I have some fun Halloween products lined up that may or may not come after Halloween (some of them) but y’know such is life. If you’re like me that won’t be a problem because you know Halloween is a year-round ordeal, more of a mindset really~



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