2016 SATX Halloween Meetup

My life philosophy is that if the last few weeks haven’t been a whirlwind, I’m probably not doing enough things. I also like to set mini-resolutions per month as I go, for example October: I’m getting back on the Keto train, I’m focusing 100% on my work until my Christmas holiday, and I’m taking MORE PHOTOS!!!! My sister and I hosted a Halloween meetup for our Lolita community last week and we had a lot of fun!

I barely took any photos, though, because I was running around so much! That’s generally the case for me. Which is a super bummer, I used to take photos of every little thing, so I’m working on that! But luckily I have stolen a few from others in the meantime. Planning a Halloween party is hard and kind of expensive if I’m being totally honest here, but it was really rewarding to watch everyone enjoy themselves.


We do go hard, as exhibited by Drunk Taobao Rilakkuma who made a special guest appearance. I love my comm- I remember when I started lolita- one meet in particular stands out, that was going to be a big Christmas meet and I think a total of three girls showed up and I was like “this is small.” Over 30 people showed up to this meetup and I’m so proud to see how much we’ve grown in the 3 years I’ve been a part of the community! These people are some of my best friends.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a meetup if crying LeBron James didn’t make an appearance. We were going to improve him by pinning a bow on him, but we ran out of time. He is sad because he’s a poopy baby and has no body for a coordinate.


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