Weekly Foods – Keto Kickstart

If you know me, you know I love food terribly. Like, probably too much. My boyfriend can tell you about my many late-night food runs- childlike, impractical, often expensive, and usually unhealthy. It’s way too easy when you live in New York to say “oh, it’s 1AM? but I want X? Yes. I’m getting X.” It’s *maybe* my main reason for loving the city but since we’re in Texas for a few months, I’ve decided to cut myself a break and eat “healthy”.


Due to varying healthy issues in my immediate family, we opt for a Ketogenic diet when we’re being responsible. This isn’t a diet blog so I won’t spend a lot of time discussing the ins and outs, but it’s essentially a low-carb, high-fat diet! You can learn more about it on Reddit of all places, which in 2016 is a great resource (much to my own dismay) for just
about anything.

I’ve decided, since my Instagram is primarily for sharing work updates and marketing (even if I’m bad at it and totally careless OTL), as well as since I don’t eat out nearly as much as I used to, I’m gonna start doing a weekly food round-up every Saturday of the different foods I eat and recipes I try (along with links)! That’s all now look at my food photos.

Top to Bottom:

I wasn’t the MOST diligent this week since I sort of only just decided today that I’d make this sort of a feature, and I’m still working out the best format to take nice photos, as well as the best stage in the cooking/serving process, AS WELL AS staging and garnishing (coz let’s be real, my best food photos are because someone else made the food look pretty). So join me on this food endeavor! This week we have Samoa bites, hopefully donuts, and considering Bob is about to be in town, probably some Keto-friendly restaurant options and adaptations!

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