London 2017

The end of 2016 was such a whirlwind I don’t even really know where to begin. I can say that I tripled my holiday season (and have gone on to double my January for 2017, but sales resolutions and conclusions are for another post) and I can say I’ve had a lot of luck and love and happiness around me (if we don’t count politics, which for the sake of my happy blog space we shall not). I went to London with my boyfriend’s family for Christmas and New Years- my first time in Europe since I was 12 months old- and it was really amazing!

We first spent Christmas in a cute little Air BnB with a tree and Christmas Dinner and the works. It was in Shoreditch which I learned is supposed to be a hip neighborhood. I don’t know what’s hip I really don’t (says the girl living in Bushwick, supposedly one of the coolest neighborhoods to live in ever) but it was a nice neighborhood!!

The trip was: a lot of museums, a lot of pies, some beer, and lots of Moomin!!!

It’s not really a secret I super love Moomin right? Shopping aside (thought I’ll say that seems to be a big part of London) I got to go to: the Portrait Gallery, Tate Britain, Natural History Museum, V&A, and the British Museum. Like I thought my feet were gonna fall off. I love museums, but even my ass gets tired after an hour of the Met but ding danged if all the museums I went to in London weren’t the bomb dot com! I had a lot of fun at all of them, but honestly I loved the Portrait Gallery the most.


Our New Years was pretty fun, we were invited to a new friend’s friend’s apartment where we spent midnight. It’s my 8th New Year’s in a row with Fidel. It’s kind of our thing. And by our thing. I mean I am superstitious and I’m very afraid that if we miss a New Years something TeRrIbLe~~*~* will happen. He even followed me out to Taipei where we passed new years under Taipei 101 and I had the worst panic attack I’ve ever had and ruined the whole night- but that’s a story for another day.

After that we found ourselves at a “light party” in a weird artist commune warehouse thing. I literally couldn’t tell you where it was, I barely remember getting there. We didn’t get to bed until like 8am or something which is very unlike me, I’ll have you know. I like to sew in silence all day so my party days are mostly behind me, though plainly that old Stasia still resides, ready to come out on special occasions such as New Years in London.

Above is a photo of Fidel messing with me as I tried to take a selfie with my soy milk because lort knows I love my VitaSoy. Now I’m just gonna dump all the food I ate because that is going to be the most glorious collage OF THEM ALL.

I told myself before I left that I needed to start travel journaling like I used to….well, I didn’t. It was a unique trip because it was also Christmas, and we were really trying to spend a lot of family time so it wasn’t like a jam-packed, itinerary-at-the-ready kind of trip. Hopefully soon I’m on my way back to Bushwick, and maybe a trip to Mexico, maybe Asia if I can swing it, and of course lots of CoNvEnTiOnS on the way~~~




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