OOTD – Everybody Loves Pie

Recently I joined my Lolita Comm for an old school meetup. Now, I don’t really own any Old School lolita besides one dress that I’m not really able to coord, so I just decided to wear my Innocent World Happy Pie JSK which is definitely definitely one of my favorites and I want to make some accessories to go with it very soon~



  • Hat, tights, blouse: Nameless Offbrand
  • JSK: Happy Pie by Innocent World
  • Necklace: Angelic Pretty
  • Shoes: Mojo Moxy
  • Pins: Memi the Rainbow and Smelly Girl TC

I was really happy with this coord! I feel much more at home in dark colors, especially browns and reds. I also was really excited about how well these Sentimental Circus stickers matched my outfit snap.

I forgot to snap my food but I do have a couple more photos from the meetup which was lovely and SO MANY PEOPLE CAME and it makes me so glad,  and it was great meeting a few new people and chatting with some familiar faces as well- even if just for a moment.


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