Weekly Foods – A Million Years Later

Oops! I seriously haven’t been keeping up with this, but I still wanted to share some old photos of the food I’d been preparing/eating. I’ve since moved back to NYC so this is quite dated, but as I no longer share my foods on Instagorm, y’know, what else is my blog for if not gratuitous self-indulgence.


I’ve done some baking with almond flour before and it’s not my favorite, so this round I was really excited to find a coconut flour donut recipe! I’m planning on making it again this weekend but it’s honestly the greatest recipe in my new Keto arsenal. In general, I haven’t been eating strictly Keto, but like I try my best when I can so that when I deviate and have a slice of pizza (or two and some dried ramen and cookies) on a Saturday Cheat Day, it’s not so bad. Overall, when I eat mostly keto my weight stays down.

Top to Bottom:

  • Egg Drop Soup
  • Pumpkin Snikerdoodle Cookies (and chai tea)
  • Samoa Fudge Bites
  • Broccoli Casserole + a bratwurst
  • Everything Bagel Dogs
  • Apple Cider Donuts

I recommend all of these recipes except the bagel dogs- the almond flour dough is weirdly uncanny and it is difficult to maneuver and the taste is just not great. Not worth it. Everything else, however, is bomb. We also made some italian-type dishes this week but I didn’t snap photos because I forgot so deal with it!

Since moving back to NYC, I’ve been cooking basically daily, so I’m hoping to actually do this feature. Plus, when I get to take nice photos of my food I feel validated and therefore I’m more motivated to cook. Not order chicken parmesan sandwiches and onion rings (which is literally my food plan for today, don’t look at me we’re low on groceries).

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