2017 SATX Christmas Meetup

I had a loverly time yesterday munchin at La Madeleine and strollin’ thru UIW who, I feel like, had less lights this year?? But I also haven’t been in several years so what do I know. Thank you to everyone that came out!!


I wore my new Lief dress and I left my petticoat in New York and I also wore tights under my socks which is maybe not super Kawaii and I stepped in mud but hey whatever. Not pictured: the Christmas Donut I put in my hair



La Madeleine on Broadway was so super sweet, the manager was so kind and helpful and friendly to us! The staff were all so nice too- tbh I feel like sometimes shop staff from different places can be a bit hostile because we’re a big, attention-grabbing group with demands and what not but everyone was so nice there! We occupied the party room, which was very cozy and *just* fit all 19 of us- a little crowded, but it was fun! Such a great turnout!!

It was nice talking to newer members and catching up with old ones- I miss my comm when I’m in NYC so it’s always nice to hang out! Though, it’s always a bit of a shame when a small group of people attend but kind of ignore the whole group or make snide comments about walking around or whatever. You don’t have to attend meetups if you aren’t interested in the meet! Other than that I had fun. I’m sad I didn’t bring more lolita with me to wear while I’m here, but my suitcase was 50lb as it was haha ❤

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