Momocon 2018 : Artist Alley Review*~


momocon 2018

Honestly I should preface this whole blog with a mini disclaimer: I was, unbeknownst to me, anemic at the time of this con and my ability to function as a human was greatly impacted! More on this in a later blog post!


We’re gonna just ignore the hell that is the Atlanta airport. Gloss over the long, hellish hallway you have to traverse to get to the baggage claim, because the shuttles are too packed to squeeze onto when you can barely stand (see above disclaimer). Just push down the memory that ATL decided to separate my duffel bag and hide it in a closet leaving me confused and panicked for an extra hour. Set aside the fact that the hike to the Lyft/Uber pickup zone is an additional winding 15 minutes uphill. Forget that the airport stoplights were off and almost no cars were able to get through to the pickup area so we had to wait for an hour to finally get our car. But I will mention that I did not eat on this day, and accidentally fasted for 26 hours. I regularly fast but I don’t regularly fast for 26 hours on days when I travel and lug 3 giant pieces of luggage around. It was a difficult day.

Anyway, since we’re just suppressing all these memories, the logistics of Momocon were pretty easy. For above reasons, we were unable to sign in the night before, so we just opted to set up early the next morning (not a problem). We were told we needed to sign a consent form which I forgot, and the dudes at check-in also forgot. So I was able to get my badges in a hot second, then another dude led us to a freight elevator and we were able to pretty easily wheel our massive plus convoy to our tables no problem. The staff I interacted with were all kind and patient and I always appreciate that!

The table set up itself was not great- I’ll go into this more in the next section. There was plenty of space behind the tables though, easy exits to the block, and tables were not right up against one another so it was easy in and out, and the bathrooms were not too far. The only complaint I have is that this year, the cookie stand was not directly behind me and Marina which had a marked negative impact on the amount of cookies I ate over the weekend. Sad!

But actually, food availability in general is a big positive of this convention for us every year. Our Air BnB (walking distance) was right across from a Walgreens, which was a life-saver. We also were able to stop by restaurants on the way to the con to grab food preemptively, and the CNN Center food court is like a 10 minute trip from the table, so food was not difficult to come by. This makes for a WAY BETTER convention experience, especially if you are trapped behind a table. Are you reading this, A-kon? Where’s THE FOOD A-KON??


I think our performance, and that of other artists, was marred by the proximity of the autograph line. When you walk along the side of the alley, with the alley to your left, suddenly you were met with these black curtains on your right. It was such a stark environment change, it almost seemed like a different deal going on further down the alley, like you weren’t allowed. It was less inviting. Even from a superficial standpoint, the walkway just became more narrow and so less people were willing to traverse.

This negatively impacted our area and even moreso the areas further down. This was not a good use of space. Any time I would get up to pee or find a soda ($5 vending machine sodas!) the exhibit hall would be PACKED. Like, could barely walk. This was really not the case in our aisle.

All that said, at the time, this was the best I’d ever done at a convention. I basically met my sales goal which was a 50% increase from the previous year. It was ambitious but I met it and I was pleased. I did not totally sell out of plush which was fine, I had A-kon in a week and a half, but I sold more of some things than I anticipated.


Overall Convention

Those of you reading this may know me personally, and you may also know Marina of Preciouz Bbyz personally. If this is the case, you may know that narry a convention passes that we don’t pedal at the rave, so if we don’t you know that we must have been feeling pretty shit to skip pedalling at the rave. Marina was sick, I was unusually tired  and we had a super cozy Air BnB with wifi. mini wines, and Drag Race to catch up on. So we really did not explore the convention much this year!

We did, however, get to eat Waffle House which was really the big thing I was looking forward to about being in Atlanta.


Next up is A-kon, which has already happened, and in the real world I am prepping for Anime Expo! What a year it will be.

P.S. Here is a bonus photo of the defeated state in which my duffel bag returned from Atlanta:


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