Mechacon 2016: Artist Alley Review

I’m currently getting ready for AnimeFest (my last Artist Alley of the season, as of now) but I also just got back from Mechacon- seriously doing back-to-back conventions is insane. I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off here trying to scramble together a whole convention’s worth of stock BUT I’LL MANAGE. In the meantime, have some Mechacon feels!

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A-kon 27 2016 : Artist Alley Review

Wowwwww has it ever been a whirlwind! I got back a few days ago from AnimeNEXT, which I left for only a few days after getting back from A-kon 27! I do not recommend!! Actually I’m lying, it was cool to meet a few artists doing the same, and I would consider this sort of tight schedule again. It was awesome seeing what limits and expectations of myself I could push 😛 Sort of. It was also hell. Awesome self-inflicted hell.

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Mizuumi-Con Follow Up

Wup wup it’s been a few days but I thought I’d do a small write-up of Mizuumi-Con, which was in fact my first con of the year! What a year it will be. But I didn’t go all-out for this convention like I maybe would want to in the future. My stock was low, my display lackluster, and my energy completely depleted, but that’s inevitable, isn’t it?


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