2017 SATX Christmas Meetup

I had a loverly time yesterday munchin at La Madeleine and strollin’ thru UIW who, I feel like, had less lights this year?? But I also haven’t been in several years so what do I know. Thank you to everyone that came out!!


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London 2017

The end of 2016 was such a whirlwind I don’t even really know where to begin. I can say that I tripled my holiday season (and have gone on to double my January for 2017, but sales resolutions and conclusions are for another post) and I can say I’ve had a lot of luck and love and happiness around me (if we don’t count politics, which for the sake of my happy blog space we shall not). I went to London with my boyfriend’s family for Christmas and New Years- my first time in Europe since I was 12 months old- and it was really amazing!

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Mizuumi-Con Follow Up

Wup wup it’s been a few days but I thought I’d do a small write-up of Mizuumi-Con, which was in fact my first con of the year! What a year it will be. But I didn’t go all-out for this convention like I maybe would want to in the future. My stock was low, my display lackluster, and my energy completely depleted, but that’s inevitable, isn’t it?


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new blog


Long, long ago, I ran a blog called Ugly Plants. It bloomed into a successful shop, and the blog was long since forgotten and deleted, for various reasons. Recently, I’ve been feeling a lack of focus in my creative endeavors- when blogged on Ugly Plants, I felt like I had goals and reasons to finish side projects. I also felt I had an extra platform to connect with customers on. I’m looking forward to writing convention reviews, DIYs of well-known and overpriced brands, documenting my small adventures, and sharing my growth as an artist and shop owner.