Anime NYC 2017 : Artist Alley Review~*

Though I don’t often try out first-year cons for obvious reasons, I was super pleased with my experience at Anime NYC and I’m really glad I took the smol risk! Are you sick of seeing my table set up yet?????


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AnimeFest 2016: Artist Alley Review

One thing I’ve noticed that is starting to deeply disturb me is the ATROCIOUS LIGHTING in every artist alley ever. Like, I get it that we’re always in a convention center or hotel, this isn’t really like a shock but it’s starting to bother me. Whose prints look good in this lighting???? Look at me. I look like an alien who has just eaten the blood of an enemy (ie colourpop avenue ultra¬†matte lipstick) (side note: do not recommend that lipstick)


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