2016 SATX Halloween Meetup

My life philosophy is that if the last few weeks haven’t been a whirlwind, I’m probably not doing enough things. I also like to set mini-resolutions per month as I go, for example October: I’m getting back on the Keto train, I’m focusing 100% on my work until my Christmas holiday, and I’m taking MORE PHOTOS!!!! My sister and I hosted a Halloween meetup for our Lolita community last week and we had a lot of fun!

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Fall 2015 Giveaway


I’ve started my first giveaway thru Tumblr– how exciting! The weather is getting cooler in my new home base of Brooklyn. I wanted to include fun festive things, like a fox mug to go with a plushie leftover from San Japan- I have an unnecessary collection of animal-shaped mugs, so I thought “why not share that love”. This giveaway has got everything you need for a cozy fall tea¬†cocoa party with your new fox friend!